Old people are old.

Those crazy Eskimos had it right the first time.

You see, Eskimos, or Inuits, or cold Indians or whatever, may be a little slow in the geographic department compared to you and me, but those whale riders are light years ahead in the area of elderly management.

What do we normally do with something that is broken? We throw in the garbage. So why so much compassion for old people? The truth is, old people are a drain on society, and have absolutely nothing to offer back in return (unless soiled diapers and babbling nonsense has been come a hot property, and I was gleefully unaware of it).

The Eskimos used to put their old people on an ice float and let them die out at sea with dignity. Where are our ice floats? Maybe we should have a mandatory retirement age. And by retirement, I mean death.

The crux of the situation is that old people are crashing our potluck and eating all the dip. I say it's time we took our "courtesy seats"back!

Who's with me?

Editor's Note: What's with the anti Inuit shit? That seemed a little unnecessary.

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