You Can Smell The Lust

From: Jon Voight
To: Billy Gates
Subject: Sweat Upon My Window

Dearest William,
It has come to my attention that your MSN Messenger does not have the ability to nudge other boys on certain computers. Please fix this and I will do anything for you.......ANYTHING *nudge-nudge-wink-wink*. (incase you couldn't tell I'm smiling coyly at you from across the world, Billy-Boy).
Love Always,
Jon Voight
P.S. I like your manly power hands and bow ties.


From: Bill Gates
To: Jon Voight
Subject: Re: Sweat Upon My Window

I'm sorry, what was that?


From: Your Jon Voight
To: My Little Billy Gates
Subject: Hard Disk Drive Ahoy!

Dearest Love Muck,
Oh, don't be shy, guy. You know what it means. Don't pretend you don't want to hardrive your kilobites into my tender little mouse pad. I've heard things about your sexy little RAM and how you like to stream data with all the other microguys....although i know yours isn't's MICROHARD...and not at all "micro". You can fit in my Window anyday, guy.


From: Bill Gates
To: Jon Voight

I find your e-mails both unsettling and violating. Please stop as I will notify the proper authorities. Seek the necessary help.


  1. Anonymous12:46


  2. that was "classic" mean...classic....i should win the Pulitzer Prize for that little piece of "worse that TMZ" journalism.

  3. If that bitch pretends to not know what TMZ is, I will smash her face.

  4. No pretending happening over here, 'Fuck Puncher'. Also, the correct terminology for a female wolf is not bitch, but 'she-wolf'. FYI.

  5. DAVEY23:06

    tmz is is a hollywood gossip site, and television show. It is everything that is wrong with America. I can't stop watching it.

  6. Fuck Puncher is the blond haired lance bass looking guy on TMZ i beleive. It's his superhero alias.


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