DeathCar For Eddie

In the tradition of an good old fashioned DeathCar ride:

Dane Cook has been forced fed a case of Alpha-Bits and then shat out better scripts than this guy has EVER picked...let's face it, his movies were never good. NEVER. Axel-F was a tasty flavor for a second to some...but those same people thought New Coke was pretty good too.

Fire him into the DeathCar and let's get back to business as usual.


  1. Delirious is the single best piece of stand up comedy I have ever seen. Shame on you!

  2. shame on me....yes, granted his stand-up comedy was pretty funny....but Mr. Murphy seemed to have forgotten what a stand-up comic was and that he might have been one once upon a we can still remember his Stand-Up work with our recordings and what not, while still firing him into the DeathCar

  3. This post is racist.


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