The Funtumbulus Tales of Mr.Fox

Mr.Fox: You there, with the tight jeans. Come here.

Kevin: Who me?

Mr.Fox: Yes, you.

Kevin walks over to Mr.Fox

Mr.Fox: Do you like what you see?

Kevin: I don't understand.

Mr.Fox: Allow me to repeat myself. Do you like what you see?

Kevin: You mean, the plant?

Mr.Fox: It's more than a plant. It's a rare catus from the Californian desert.

Kevin picks up the catus and studies it.

Mr.Fox: Do you know what I am going to ask you to do with this ever so rare cactus?

Kevin: Shove it in your face?

Mr.Fox: Correct.

Kevin shoves the cactus in Mr.Fox's face

Mr.Fox: Thank you.

Kevin: No problem.

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  1. wait a minute, isn't this the conversation we had when we first met?


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