I'm not sure what to make of this... the bike had been there for all of 48 hours if that. It may be an Emily Carr student's attempt at making people like me get a boner, or just an attempt at making contemptous art. If so, good one, you failed at both. Seriously though, the bike is a piece of shit... the chain is rusted to the point I wonder what type of nefarious noise that transport must have made during use. But if any of the message is even remotely real, go fucking kill yourself, I've seen better bikes in Oman.


  1. ...and that was an open letter to the guy who stole Bruce's bike.

    and on a lighter note, I just heard senior citizens are having more unprotected sex more these day than ever before.

  2. Anonymous09:10

    fuck art.

  3. art doesn't lie. It should also add hookers. Vancouver is full of hookers.


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