Tachikoma is at it again.

So the first big post after a week away. I decided to throw the honour into Tachikoma's court and he did not fail to fill some pretty big standards. And when I say he did not fail to fill some pretty big standards, I mean he failed to fill some pretty big standards.

Tach emailed me the following pictures....

and this...

He also added the text.."no scientist, but plenty of boobs."


So I assume that Tach had been drinking, or at least sleep deprived because there is a couple problems with this post. One, even if you wanted to just post pictures of hot asian chicks with big boobs, there are way hotter chicks than that circling the internet, and second, I did some snooping on the model (Serena Kozakura), and it turns out she wins court cases based on her ample mounds (check it out, that shit is real).

So basically, there was a perfectly good DeathCar story just sitting there and all we get is a couple of photos the Tach may or may not have pleasured himself to.

This is your DeathCar. I hope you enjoyed it.


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