Good news for people that like bad news.

Think Fats...

Actually what I meant to write up there was "Think Fast", but Think Fats works even better. You see my filthy little friends, I walked into my home today and picked up the mail only to find a special announcement from my local McDonald's Restaurant. What was the announcement? Well, it was something that had haunted my dreams for the better part of a decade, and I thought it was behind me. It is my pleasure and sorrow to announce, the return of the McRib.

But why is the McRib such a big deal? Well if i have to explain it to you, you are either new to this country, or capable of controlling what you put into your body. You see, the McRib is not only the tastiest morsel that this Fast Food Nation has ever seen, but it is made from 100% Pure Alberta Miscellaneous Parts. That's correct. It makes the Mcnuggets look Organic. It has the consistency of rubber, and smells like feet, but the taste is what dreams are made of.

Ok, I know what you are thinking. You think that this is all well and good, but how does this affect me? I would rather eat out of the garbage than McDonald's. Well my friend, did I mention the Meat Bone? Yup, The Meat Bone. It's a bone, made of meat. What are you suppose to do with that? How about EAT THE MOTHERFUCKER!

So in summary, Meat Bone, Meat Bone, Meat Bone. I'll be at McDonald's or the hospital or the gutter. Either way, it's been fun.



  1. Gary Larson23:28

    I want to dance!

  2. bring back Mac Tonight and I'll consider


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