Open wide.

In Europe, they feed the children a hearty picnic before they molest them, which I personally find very refreshing. There really is nothing less tasteful than a hungry child with a dick in the snooch.


  1. The quality material we have going on here, in the last week or so, is absolutely astounding....dancing naked men, racism, the occult starring A.C. Slater, S&M and now molesting children on a grassy knoll.
    I think next I should just post a picture of my penis with a sad face drawn on the tip...that's what the kids need to see.

  2. Anonymous20:27

    Your penis is of the highest quality.

  3., not really. Grandpa says it could use a little more zest. I'm not sure what that means, but damned if I don't get some in the next few weeks.


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