Enough Of This Vulgarity!!!!

We here at DeathCar believe we've put you, the gentle reader, through too much this past week, with such horrible subject matter. So, to tone things down a little, we've decided to post this picture of something only a 15 year old asian girl would love.

Aren't they cute? The most adorable little smile you'd ever seen. You just want to place them in your hands and baby talk to them. "Who's my cute little lemon-baby? Does my little orangey-poo wanna go for a walk?" Yeah...so cute. We just wanna pick them up, skull fuck them so hard so that when we were finished with them even Tropicana wouldn't know what they were. Yeah...while screaming racist obscenities at them, we'll toss them in a zip-lock bag, filled with water and throw them in the microwave for 45 seconds at a time...what seems like only 45 seconds to us, will seem like a suffocating boiling watery millennium to them. Fucking little shit stones. We'll stick them in an angry gorilla's allready irritated anus and force one of those kids from SLumdog Millionaire suck their juices dry with a cocktail straw.

....but that's just us here at DeathCar.
You may continue with your day.:)


  1. I would like to tattoo those fruit people on my pussy.

  2. Orange you glad I didn't say Sexual Predator.

  3. My poo-poo hole is itchy.


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