Good Old Fashioned Disney Racism

This segment of the 1953 Disney classic "Peter Pan" astounds me. The "subtle" racist tones are nothing short of simply amazing. I think I speak for all of us when I say "Wow, the white people are so poorly portrayed in these old movies and I can't believe this is how the kids were raised to believe how white people really behave".
They are seen as uneducated as to how the Red Man actually behave in their natural Tee-Pee Pow-Wow habitat. Infact the white people don't even know what makes the Red Man red!!! Come on people, in this day and age we all know what makes the Red Man red. The White people are seen as jealous and stuck up and all of them seem English. We all know the white people aren't all english nowaday and don't all get jealous and the white woman don't all act like they a have a stick up their ass.
What is this trash that our children were raised to believe?

So in closing...Play That Funky Music.

P.S. check out how bunnys were potrayed in cartoons back wrong.


  1. Best. Post. Ever.

  2. who knew Bugs Bunny was racist douchebag like all the other kids.

    upon furhter investigation you'll find that Mickey Mouse was a major player in the Cruelty To Animals game.

  3. Aren't the crips going to be pissed off when they see that Walt Disney invented the C-walk?

  4. The Crips do make up a large part of this blog's readers, right?

  5. We cater to Bloods only here.

  6. aww...we cater to the B'z, but the C'z sneak a peak every now and then, in hopes that we post something about s'mores.


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