DeathCar Art Review: Pervy PIcs Edition

This is the first of the two Nazi pieces. I Like how the artist didn't shy away from adding a poop collecting bunny. So many artists bow down to that pressure far to often. I also enjoy how the Hitler nurse is 2 parts crippled. That is just good common sense.

Just the simple fact that someone out there is drawing pictures of a young Adolf Hitler with a giant erection surrounded by various sex toys really does tug at the old heart strings.

I don't think the other clowns quite yet realize that their boy has been performing with his cock out. I think they are in fro quite a shock. I also have a gut feeling that he is showing us his member in order to hide a much bigger problem inside. I feel sorry for him.

This fine number is all the reperations the black community needs.

This pic was taken from Wikipedia. (Not kidding).

She seems more annoyed by the river of blood shooting from her ass than concerned. I have to say, I would feel the opposite. Then again, maybe it's Tropicana?

She was waaaay fatter in real life.

I don't know if this is supposed to be Jesus or not, but either way, he needs a haircut.


  1. I feel violated in the mind.

  2. Lucky Lady


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