Hey...It's That Guy

We've all seen them and recognize them almost immedietely, but do we know their names? No probably not. Steve Buscemi, Seth Green, Giovanni Ribisi, Jack Black, Jeremy Piven and Vince Vaughn were all once "That Guy". You know. The guy you've seen on T.V. or movies countless times but never knew who they were.
Well, I think it's time we acknowledge these folks. Chris Owen is one of them (see above picture). You know "That Guy" from the American Pie franchise as The Sherminator, or Can't Hardly Wait, The Mist, Hidalgo, Black Sheep and various tv programs. Other "That Guy"'s are probably David Morse, Brad Dourif, Timothy Olyphant and Liev Schreiber.
So, in closing, do we really want to know their names or are we happy with just calling them "That Guy"....you be the judge.

(Richard Kind is sort of lost in limbo...he's not really "That Guy", but he's not really a well known name....poor guy.)


  1. Jerry DeWalter18:00

    I'm the host of the late night Richard Kind Fanboy show "My Kind of Show". Check it out!

  2. 'Dat guy, over dere, he's fucking a man!

  3. Nice fucking shirt.


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