The Case Of The Missing Muppets

We all loved the Muppets as kids and probably still do. You know that if you ever see the Muppet Show or one of the Muppet movies on tv, you more than likely will watch it. However over the many years that they have been in existence, several Muppets went missing. Scooter being the most prominent one and Ralph the dog in danger of completely disappearing into obscurity as well. We all clearly remember those characters, probably because of memories of Muppet Babies....but what about some of the lesser known these guys:

The Yip-Yip Martians:

Uncle Deadly aka The Phantom of the Muppet Theater

Franklin Roosevelt:

Uncle Matt:

Herbert Birdsfoot:

Marvin Suggs (fuckin' classic):

The Muppet Newsman:

Mr. Johnson:

Link Hogthrob:

Biff & Sully"

Frazzle The Muppet:

The Two-Headed Monsters:

and well...what the fuck was up with this creepy little guy?...Mr. Lefty: you guys have remember any Muppets that time forgot?


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