Ernest & Bertram

Letters from Frank.

Frank from China has sent me some pics he would like to submit to DC. He would post them himself, but that would violate the China Vs. DeathCar act of 2007.

This pic appears to be Richard Branson and his life.

Deathcar Recording Sessions

just a quick hello from all of us here at Deathcar in the studio. we are currently in the studio, recording a single for the upcoming Deathcar compilation album. as you can see, things are going swimmingly.

Big Shitty Tunes

You know those albums that instantly kill a party when it's put on the jukebox?
You know that song that pisses everybody off?
Well, nearing it's 500th post, Deathcar wants to celebrate the music you hate by putting together the first compilation of songs you don't want to hear! ie: Gimme Pizza by The Olsen Twins...look it up, seriously.
We are welcoming ideas for the playlist...with one simple guideline....PISS US OFF!!!

A No Hope

"Why'd you make us dress like that when we were kids, Mom and Dad? Why? Now we have to slit your throats and eat you."


And only Dunce will slow down... or something.

So Mr. Williams has called me out and demanded some playoff predictions. Glad to fucking oblige. I will have it be known that pick 'ems as far as games are my achilles heel. Gimmie fantasy all day everyday, I am fairly comfy in those confines (with the exception of me taking Kessel 3rd overall in a one year league a few years back, don't ask), but give me pick 'ems and I crash and burn 90% of the time.

So without further ado, for you giggling pleasure:

From the East:

Boston vs Rangers (3-4)
Capitals vs Habs (4-2)
Devils vs Pens (3-4)
Philly vs Carolina (4-1)

Westcoast steez:

Sharks vs Ducks (3-4)
Detroit vs Nashville (3-4)
Calgary vs Columbus (4-2)
Vancouver vs Chicago (4-0) (And I hate the Canucks)

Round 2, FIGHT!


Caps vs Rangers (3-4)
Philly vs Pens (2-4)


Calgary vs Ducks (4-2)
Vancouver vs Nashville (4-2)

Round 3!

Pens vs Rangers (3-4)
Calgary vs Vancouver (4-2)


Calgary vs Rangers (4-1)

There ya go!

Steely Dan.

And you think you have problems.

Honk if you're horny.